shopify update ~ Chat function has been implemented!

Today, we have implemented a chat function! 💻⇔📱

The specification method is...
Click (tap) the bottom right of the homepage to display the input screen.
Please feel free to send us a message like on LINE.
I will receive a notification on my smartphone and will reply as soon as possible.

I immediately started communicating with a few customers, and I found it to be a very smooth (smooth?) and extremely useful tool.

You can interact more quickly, just like LINE and like a conversation.

Please feel free to contact us as if you were visiting a physical store (^^)

Of course, as usual, you can also contact us by email.

shopify update

Well, this blog post is not a news article, but a series of shopify updates, so I will write about how I implemented it in shopify.

Around August of this year, when we transitioned from BASE to shopify, we actually implemented a chat function once.

It was not the shopify app I was using this time, but an app made by another company.
Since it's made in a foreign country, there are parts that don't support the Japanese language, and I ended up removing it after a few days because I couldn't chat quickly unless I was in front of my PC all the time.

However, the chat function this time is a shopify app that has a dedicated smartphone app (it's confusing), so if you have a smartphone you can receive and reply in a timely manner.

This one. shopify inbox


Click here for the URL

Emails have a lot of rules, making it difficult to have smooth conversations with each other because you're worried about making mistakes.

However, in this day and age, chatting has become so pervasive that conversations on LINE can be considered everyday conversation.
By using chat, you can have casual conversations just like you would in a real store!

For those who are embarrassed to talk face-to-face (like me), the hurdles are lowered, so you can feel free to ask questions.

I'm very happy to be able to implement chat!

In this way, you can register fixed phrases, register frequently asked questions and automatic replies, and register automatic messages, so you can customize it quite freely.

There is nothing missing so far!


Now is the time to work independently.
I believe that if individuals do business across borders, Japan will be able to grow as a result.

I hope this will be helpful to those who have just started using shopify.
I've just started using Shopify, but I hope that writing about how to update shopify little by little will give you some hints.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form or the chat button on the bottom right (^^)


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