Encounter with the teacher 4

Continuing from the previous session.
What is important to teachers.
It's called "Passion."
Passion for manufacturing.
This is still the driving force behind making things. And without passion, good works cannot be created.
I was moved by the artist's words. I was also shocked to learn that I was able to earn a living as a job while still having that desire.
I like leatherwork, but I never thought of turning it into a career.
Due to the living environment and work conditions at the time, I decided that it was impossible for an individual to support his family by making leather.
(This is uneducated and preconceived)
So I casually said
“I like making things with leather. I sometimes think it would be great if I could turn it into a job.”
“I think you can eat it surprisingly well.”
That's what I said.
The teacher's words and the many wonderful works around me.
At that moment, the stereotype was lifted.
You can live with leather!
You can also eat while improving your skills!
Although it is common sense now.
Since then, many things have happened, and I now work with leather in my hometown of Okinawa, valuing my passion.
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