Story of being scolded by an overseas customer 1

The leather goods store where I previously worked was both a workshop and a store.

It was a wonderful environment where I was able to serve customers while making products, allowing me to hear directly from customers.

I learned a lot from the people who use the product or who give it as a gift, and how they feel and think when they buy it.

Sometimes products are born from customer feedback, and sometimes we receive concerns or questions about products or leather.

It was a very valuable experience.

Since it is located in Okinawa, we have many customers from both inside and outside the prefecture as well as from overseas.

One time, an overseas customer asked me in English, "What kind of leather is it?" and I answered, "It's cowhide."
(This will be a problem later)

I received compliments saying that the products are wonderful.
I became happy and explained the product in detail...

Me: “…So, there’s pig suede (pig leather) pasted on the back…”

Customer: “Huh!? Pig!!??”

Me: “Huh!? Yes…”
Customer: “Huh!? Already!!!”

Me: “Huh!? Yes!?”

Customer: “I said cow!”

He got angry and went home.

why! ?

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