No leather for ceremonial occasions!?

Are leather products bad for ceremonial occasions? ?

I've heard of such stories.
The reason is that leather is associated with "killing life" .

However, in this day and age, wallets, key cases, bags, etc. are often used in formal occasions.
I think it would be better to use leather products. .

I was curious and looked into it.

Many people now say that you don't have to worry about it that much, and that it's fine to own leather products as long as they don't attract attention.

A word of caution is to avoid items that have a direct appearance, such as animal prints, reptile leather, or items with fur. (Well, you can tell by feeling it.)

It's not that it's prohibited as a rule, but it's a matter of manners.

However, due to "manners," nylon or cloth bags are probably safer than leather ones.

In summary, ``In this day and age,'' as long as it's not flashy leather, you don't have to worry about it.''

Times have changed, and people say things like, "Your manners are different!" and "Manners have changed!"
If so, please let me know!
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