The effectiveness of SNS - the lifeline of online shops

In order to get people to know about web shops that don't have a physical store, it is important to ``make money with your feet''...on the web. This means updating every day.

What are the different residents on SNS?

A senior who loves alcohol is working as a guide in Noge, Yokohama's deep bar district. His knowledge and enthusiasm are amazing, and you can tell that his life revolves around alcohol and Noge. ( Instagram “Nogebero” )

For people who don't know about the goodness of Noge, once a month we organize a ``Noge Bero Tour'' and gather around 4 social media followers who have never met each other for the first time, and we also give them a free tour of Senbero bar hopping.

Thanks in part to his enthusiasm, the number of fans of his seniors is increasing through SNS.

What I heard from a senior who actually meets and drinks with many of his followers is, ``The people on Twitter and Instagram are different.''

picture! ? what do you mean? ? I didn't understand what that meant, but it seems that the users of each SNS don't overlap much, and their personalities are also biased.

So, I realized that in order to get people to know about our products, we should promote them on each SNS.

SNS is a lifeline

Up until now, we have mainly been disseminating product information through Instagram, but we have decided to also share more content on Twitter and blog.

You can't get found just by looking at your homepage. If we were to compare it to a physical store, it would be open in the middle of a forest and not even listed on the town page.

If you don't hand out flyers, make phone calls, or do walk-in sales, you won't be able to get people to know about your store in the forest. Customers cannot even consider it.

In fact, thanks to Instagram, many customers learned about and used our service last year.

SNS is a wonderful tool and a lifeline for connecting with customers.

We would like to receive various opinions and strive to improve every day.

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