[Leather] The skiving machine is amazing 3

Continuing from the previous session.
What is [sifting] ? This is to reduce the thickness of the leather.
Scrape it off with a leather knife or a special machine.

No matter what kind of leather you use, no matter what thickness, you can sand it with a sharp blade and finish it in the shape you intended.It will be a long time before you can really master it.
Back then, when I was sharpening at home , I still had a long way to go.

When I was doing mass production at my previous job, I started sharpening things like, “Jah!”
My arms were still good! I realized that.

The more experience you have and the more times you strain, the better.

The most important thing is the precision of sharpening.
Sharpen with consciousness. Then check to see if it is sharpened properly.
If it doesn't work, assume the cause and try again, repeat.
It took me a long time to learn because I didn't have anyone to teach me.
The skiving machine is amazing. I mean, machines are amazing!
I was able to experience firsthand the wonders of the industrial revolution.

Increased efficiency and accuracy.
I think it's okay to rely on machines or anything else if you want to improve your work.

I would like to benefit from the IT revolution if possible.
I'd like to try it out, whether it's programming or a 3D printer!
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