Not only is there no signboard, but a shop with a closed shutter 1

"A shop without a signboard"

When you say that, you get the impression that it's a well-known shop that only those in the know know about.
There were times when I went to a store that didn't even have a signboard, or even that the shutters were mostly down .

This is a story from when I first started attending leather classes.

Before class, the first step is to gather the tools recommended by the teacher.

I went to tool shops around Asakusa and bought things like hishikiri, nen, screw nen, and clapperboard.

I rode around Asakusa on a rented bicycle, scared that my wallet would be empty, but excited to be able to use the tools recommended by my favorite teacher.

My teacher said, ``I may not be doing this anymore, but...''
This is a whetstone shop.

There is a specialty store for whetstones! ? As I thought about this, I headed straight to the left of Sensoji Temple, facing Kaminarimon.

The teacher said, ``The shutter was about to close,'' and that was the landmark.

What I saw around the corner was that the shutter was closing...

Or rather, the shop is so closed that its shutters are about to open .

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