If you want to work on leatherwork in the Kanto region... Wander around Asakusa on a bicycle

If you want to buy leather, tools, and metal fittings in Tokyo, you can find everything in Asakusa, Asakusabashi, and Kuramae.

When I started leatherwork, I bought tools at Tokyu Hands, but as I level up from amateur to beginner, I still want to go to a specialty store.

When I first started leatherwork, I would pick up and print out the shops I wanted to go to in Asakusa, Asakusabashi, and Kuramae on the internet in advance, and then take the train and head there.

It's not a distance that you can walk around in one day.

According to information on the internet, renting a bicycle is recommended if you want to visit leather shops.

Specialty shops such as wholesalers open slowly and close early, so if you want to visit many shops in one day, you'll have to hurry!

I have fond memories of running around Asakusa on my day off by myself, passing by Sensoji Temple!

There are many people during tourist seasons such as Golden Week, so be careful as rental bicycles are available everywhere!

However, recently there have been noticeably fewer people due to the effects of the coronavirus.

I heard this on the news, but I also heard it from a hardware store in Asakusa. In fact, the number of people in the Asakusa area has decreased dramatically, and it is said to be difficult.

I just hope that the corona virus will converge soon.
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