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I have been using Ali Express for over 5 years.
I have purchased items from China over 100 times so far.

Since many tools can be obtained at low prices, the range of technology utilization has expanded.

This will help those who are making things, whether they are professionals or amateurs.

I am writing down this experience in order to raise the quality of Japanese manufacturing .

Please take advantage of Ali Express!

ali express

Chinese version Amazon (cheap)

The names of the Chinese companies ``Ali Express'' and ``Alibaba'' have become commonplace.

Simply put, Alibaba is an e-commerce platform for commercial products. It's like Amazon for business. However, since it is for business use, the lot size (the amount that must be purchased at one time) is large, so I could not afford it as an individual.

Ali Express is a product that has been broken down into small pieces that can be purchased by individuals.

You can get it cheaper than the Japanese price!

I started using Ali Express in 2016. I wanted a stamp that could be engraved on leather, but it wasn't available in Japan... or rather, it was available, but it was exorbitantly expensive, so I decided to look for it overseas.

I managed to get to Aliexpress and found what I wanted.
Surprise! ! Surprisingly, the price is 1/10 of that in Japan! I definitely want to get it!

Honestly, it's so cheap, is it a scam? I didn't think so. Because I felt that Japanese prices were too high. Decided to buy it immediately.

However, is it safe to register a credit card on an overseas site? Is Ali Express safe in the first place? I have a lot of worries.

With the help of Google, I found a blog about how to use Ali Express. Thanks to you, I was able to take a step forward. Thank you for that time.

To communicate in English...

It seems that you can use a debit card instead of a credit card, so I thought it would be safe even if it was misused, so I bought it.

The one I bought was a brass alphabet stamp. It's quite convenient as you can choose from a large number of fonts and adjust the number of letters individually.

It also comes with an English letter holder, so if you attach it to a foil stamping machine, you can do branding and foil stamping. You can also choose cursive writing...I want to get my hands on it as soon as possible!

So, I now have to send messages about fonts and the number of letters. Exchanging messages with foreign people overseas! There are many hurdles and it's expensive...

Is it okay to say hello as the first greeting? The closing sentence is...thank you? it's not? Best Birds...what is it? ?

Mr. Google, please help me. .
Before getting the product, I had to study English and message etiquette. .

It took several days, and after exchanging each message, I managed to complete the order!

By the way, now there's DeepL Translation, which is powered by AI, so it's pretty easy. DeepL-sensei helps me communicate with overseas customers.

Note! Is there a scam?

When I googled Ali Express again, it seems that some people have been scammed. At your own risk.

Weapon is information, so the golden rule is to research it in advance so that you are safe no matter what happens.

By the way, I have used it over 100 times and have never been scammed.
The trick is to find out if the product you want is offered by other companies and choose the one with the highest ratings.

Let's order now...( Continued from 2)

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