What is the sign of death?

leather craftsman
"shizen no shirushi" is a store run by a couple of leather craftsmen in Okinawa.
Leather is a wonderful material that you can feel the change over time as "goodness".

This is how we want to age our "shizen no shirushi".

shizen no shirushi

owner : Ippei Nagamine

Sign of the future

Born in Okinawa.

Traveling around India, running a traveling bar by car with friends, and so on.
While doing what I wanted to do, I wandered around looking for my lifelong job.
Eventually arrives in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

Started leather crafting as a hobby.
I made bracelets, coin purses, etc., and gave them to my friends as gifts.

Wanted to buy a leather bag and went to "Fujii Bag Store (fugee)" which I happened to find on the Internet.
This was the turning point of my life.

If I had known about the existence of Fujii Bag Store, I would not have thought of visiting it.
There is no one who loves bags who does not know the name of Mr. Fujii.
He is a true craftsman who does not allow any compromise.
He is a legend who is still challenging himself to find the best bags.

It was a surprise visit.
Thankfully, I was able to talk to Mr. Fujii, the owner of the store.
He was so kind to talk to a young man he had never met before with such enthusiasm and
his overflowing passion. It was impossible not to be moved.

It was at this time that my sense of value was dramatically changed.
“You can make leather your career.”
I felt as if Mr. Fujii had given me a push.

I had always thought that I couldn't make what I loved into a career.
However, there was a man in front of me who had been making wonderful bags for years by keeping his "passion" alive.
It was a moment when I realized that my life had changed.

Mr. Fujii's bag class was fully booked.
I put myself on a waiting list and went home excited.

About a year later, I went to Mr. Fujii's bag class.
I relearned the basics from the very beginning, such as how to tailor a leather knife, and made my assignment.
In addition to technical skills, I learned how to move, look, speak, and think with my eyes and ears wide open.

I want to work with leather just like Mr. Fujii.
So I learned everything I could.

After a year and a half, I suddenly had to move back to Okinawa for family reasons.
I wanted to stay and study under Mr. Fujii, but
However, I decided to return to Okinawa because I thought it might be a good time to do so.

I started planning to start my own brand in Okinawa.
However, at the same time, "anshare", a leather shop in Okinawa, asked me if I would help them out since they were short on staff.

For the next few years, I worked as a factory manager at anshare, developing products and improving the workplace.
I also gained valuable experience as a salesperson in the store.

I wanted to express life-size manufacturing,
I launched "Shizen no Shirushi" with my wife.

We hope to provide you with products that fit your size, and make you feel good.

Thank you.

Ippei Nagamine