Chinese version of Amazon ~ How to use Ali Express ~ I have been using it for 5 years. 2

Flow from ordering to product arrival

After ordering the product, wait for it to arrive.

People who are used to Amazon Prime will be impatient and have a hard time waiting, but it's normal for it to take about a month from the time of ordering. Please understand that this is the case and wait patiently.

I no longer worry about arriving late. Thanks to that, shipping costs are also cheap, so I have no complaints. The time is money. I think the more time you spend, the cheaper it will be.

Of course, if it doesn't arrive or you receive a different item, that's a problem. Please inquire.
I've never experienced anything like that, so I have the impression that things are going pretty well. As I mentioned earlier, I also saw blogs about people being scammed, so if you're worried, please take a look there.

Surprisingly, it even comes with a tracking number. You can rest assured knowing details such as where you are now, when you left the warehouse in China, when you left the port, when you arrived in Japan, etc.

ali express

When it arrives, check the item and if everything is fine, press the "I received it" button and the transaction is complete!

I see some blogs complaining about the box being a bit crushed or the packaging being too simple, but as long as the product is okay, I don't care.

About the quality you are concerned about

It's cheap anyway. I am concerned about the quality, but there are no problems. It wasn't even broken.

Most of the items you can find at 100 yen stores are probably made in China. That's what it means.

Of course, there are some products that are either cheap or bad, so it depends on what you order.

I have ordered over 100 times so far.

Items used at work, such as machinery such as sewing machines and leather skiving machines, and leather manufacturing tools. We also carry products for personal use such as shoes, accessories, chargers, and wireless earphones.

Some tools take time to make, but all tools, regardless of where they are made, need to be made before they can be used. Just in case.

I also bought some running shoes. Free shipping for 1700 yen! I can run normally. Wireless earphones costing 500 yen are no problem.

How to buy in 2021 - compared to Amazon

When I started using Ali Express in 2016, I thought, ``I can make money by reselling.''

I could actually buy a leather engraving set for 1/10th the price in Japan, so I would have made a lot of money if I resold the items I bought on Aliexpress in Japan. However, I didn't do it because I wanted to work with leather.

That seems to be the case now.

It is now common to see products sold on AliExpress being sold at almost the same price on Amazon in Japan.

It might be a good idea to check on Ali Express and Amazon to see if the product is the same, and compare prices, delivery times, and vendor reviews before purchasing.
*I don't think it's safe just because it's Amazon!

I'll buy it anyway

As I mentioned, I had no problems purchasing on Aliexpress.

Because the price was low, I was able to try out various tools, which led to increased work efficiency.
You can get the tools you want at cheap prices.

We recommend using tools to make the most of your skills.

"Technology x Tools = Deliverables"

It is also a necessary corporate effort to use everything available to provide quality work.
We believe that the industry will be revitalized by generously disclosing this method and spreading it horizontally.

of course! There are a lot of things you want for everyday purposes, not just for work, so why not just visit it just for curiosity? You'll be surprised at how many different things there are!


By the way, I have also used a site called Banggood.
It is said that PC and digital products are strong there.

I purchased a Chinese-made notebook PC called CHUWI. No problem at all!

Mail order is a borderless era. Cross-border EC.

As a leather goods company, we often have customers from overseas purchase our products, but we do so through Pinkoi, an e-commerce platform that collects products from overseas creators.

I need to translate all of my company's homepage into English as soon as possible! (I don't have time...I wonder how much it would cost if I outsourced it)

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