shopify update - Image processing is fun! I'm addicted to canva

Product photos are very important when running an e-commerce site (Internet store).

I'm still learning a lot, but I'm trying my best to convey the appeal of our products as much as possible.

Photographed using a single-lens reflex camera.
Then, I use a computer to add text, decorations, and other editing steps to better convey the image.
*We do not edit the image of the product itself, such as color or detail processing.

I use a site called canva for image processing.

↓The TOP page looks like this

With a wide variety of materials and templates, you can easily create atmospheric images even if you are not a professional designer.
↓Click here for the URL

It runs on a web browser, so you can operate it from any PC, and the best part is that it's free to use!

Business cards, presentation materials, images for various SNS, flyers, banners...

There are also plenty of templates.

I think even an amateur like me can complete a design image with a score of about 60 points.
If you can fill in the remaining points with your own sense, this should be enough.

A collage like this...

Product image photos etc...

Take beautiful photos with a single-lens reflex camera, and use text and materials to create images that evoke even more imagination.

↑This is my favorite photo. The light source is sunlight. The product is made to wear geta to give it a three-dimensional feel that makes it seem like it's popping out.

This also took a lot of time... I ended up spending it... . It's fun. Cost-effectiveness…

I was immersed in processing...when I suddenly came to my senses,
I rejected it because it was too much negative branding.

I'm having so much fun that I forget the time!

Canva has a wide variety of materials, so your images can take shape quickly.
It's a treasure trove of shortcuts.

I usually spend a lot of time repeating trial and error when developing leather products, so maybe I'm addicted to this sense of speed (^^)

Recommended for those who like making things!

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