Encounter with the teacher 1

There are some teachers that I still respect.

He is a skilled craftsman.
Not only does he have great arms, but he also has great awareness.

Thanks to that person, I was able to decide, ``Let's learn to eat with leather!''

I first met him when I was enjoying leatherwork as a hobby.
I think it was around the time I bought my first half-cut.

A tour of various leather and bag shops! I once spent an entire day wandering around Shibuya by myself.

Let's go as much as we can to the places we want to go and the places we searched for on the internet! and.

As far as I can remember, that day
Porter around Omotesando, genten in Omotesando Hills,
Hertz/Organ in Shibuya, then took the train to Tsuchiya Bag somewhere (it was closed). .
(I wanted to go to Ayuto Kakudo, but it was closed.)

Along the way,
"Oh, there's another one near Shibuya," I found online and decided to head there.

However, along the way, I learned that they had moved.

Even though I had come all the way, I decided to go to a new location that was not nearby, and a store that I didn't know.

That was a turning point in my life as a leather worker.

When you arrive, it's just a house. It's hard to get in...!
I felt scared. Playing ping pong at a normal house...(>_<)

There was a small shop name written next to the ping pong. (Continue)
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