The first piece I made with a sewing machine was...

I remember that during home economics class in the fourth grade of elementary school, there was a class in which we had to make small stuffed animals.

Of course, it was the first time for everyone in the class, including me, to try sewing.

The first piece of work I made in my life was by borrowing my mother's sewing machine.

It was a stuffed toy of an eel eating a sweet potato.
Where did you get your inspiration from?

Speaking of crafts, there are also arts and crafts classes.
Cut a hole in a large piece of cardboard, climb inside, and stick out your hands, feet, and head.
"turtle" .
It's completely out of hand though. At the unveiling party, I purposely flipped it over and said, ``I can't get up!'' which caused a lot of laughter.

It's fun when you're making it.
I want it to be completed as soon as possible so you can see it! I want you to say it's good and interesting! That's what it means.
I'm hooked.

That may still be the case.

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