Story of being scolded by an overseas customer 2

Continuing from the previous session

When explaining a product to someone overseas...

"Pig leather is used as the lining..."
"Huh!? Pig leather!?"
So he went home angrily.

I was surprised because he looked so serious and scolded.

The person accompanying me (probably the Okinawa guide) explained why I had made him angry.

``Due to her religious beliefs, she is not allowed to touch pigs, sorry.''

What leather? When asked, I should have explained all the leathers I use.

I never thought I wouldn't even be able to touch it.

Although I am not familiar with religion, I regret that I did not give enough consideration.

Since then, I have been careful to keep in mind that common sense in Japan and other countries are different so that such things do not happen.

What I'm worried about now is email exchanges with overseas customers...

I'm worried if I'm conveying it properly! (^^;

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