Leather product manufacturers and distributors in danger of extinction 1

Times are tough for the leather product manufacturing and sales industry.

Cause of destruction ①Corona

Although it is not limited to this industry, there are many companies that have suffered significant damage due to the impact of the new coronavirus.

Sales are decreasing due to a decline in consumption due to the coronavirus recession and a sharp drop in the number of people visiting physical stores due to people refraining from going out.

I think the only way to survive this is to sell via the Internet (EC=E-commerce).

If there are no more people walking around, there will be no more people visiting physical stores, and it is natural that there will be no sales. It's like keeping a stone-roasted sweet potato vendor locked in a garage.

The sales channel of physical stores has been cut off. Without bypass surgery, which connects the shop and customers, blood will not circulate.

If your priority is to continue the business for a long time, it is not the time to think about the detailed advantages and disadvantages. Even rough treatment is fine.

On the other hand, there are times when it is better to fold the item than to continue using makeshift adhesives without thinking ahead and causing damage that cannot be prevented.

It may be a matter of priorities to decide now. (Continued to ②)

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