My PC broke. . So I'm going to make a PC.

Yesterday, my desktop PC, which I had been using for over 8 years, broke down.

“If you want to make a living out of leather, you’ll probably need a PC!”

My buddy who bought a mouse computer for about 100,000 yen...

When I first bought it, I was poring over the blueprints and procedure manuals, but I quickly got tired of it.

Of course, they did a great job gathering information.
It satisfied my desire for knowledge about leather and the world.

I don't know if there was any point in specs that cost over 100,000 yen, but such a companion broke.

It's like a typhoon came and the store collapsed.

Should I ask you to buy me a new PC?

That's what I thought, but before I could think about it, I had to get a PC ASAP!

Because we run an online shop!

In terms of physical stores, it would be like a store that has collapsed and is no longer open for business.

I have to do something!

For the time being, I can work with a spare laptop (made in China, 27,000 yen), but the workability is much worse...
That broken girl was fast...but now it seems like it was worth 100,000 yen.

Ignorance. Things about PC.

I have no knowledge of computers.
All I know is that SSDs are fast.

Of course, I don't know what caused it to break or how to fix it.

So do you want to buy it? It wasn't.

If you're going to research and buy a computer, it's cheaper, more optimal, and above all, more fun to assemble the parts yourself! That's what I thought, so I decided to delve into the swamp of home-built PCs.

Of course, the lack of military funding is also a reason. .

I have experienced a physical collision once.

Actually, it had been broken before.

At that time, I hadn't even started running an online shop, so I left it alone.

However, the workability of the sub-machine's Chinese-made notebook PC was poor, so I decided to try to fix it at a high risk.

In the first place, I was planning to throw it away (!) .

Just before I threw it away, I thought to myself, ``Maybe I can fix it,'' so I decided to ask Google and YouTube teachers.

Maybe the power supply is broken? So I went to HARD-OFF and bought an exposed power supply machine that was marked as junk.

A whopping 300 yen (!).

Open the large frame of the desktop with a screw and change the power supply.

I tried fitting it properly. There are some extra wires...but turn on the power.

It came back to life! ! !

And with this PC, the ``Shizen no Shishi'' HP etc. were created. .

Since he has such a criminal record, he might be able to go surprisingly well this time as well. This is my challenge.

I researched it overnight yesterday.

Last night I was glued to Youtube and got it stuck in my head.

↑As of last night, it ended like this.

Studying for the first time in a while.
After all, it's not hard to study something you're interested in.
It's fun.

Manufacturing leather and homemade PCs

And today.

At a loss, I looked on Youtube again.

Yesterday I was just going with the momentum of ``Let's build a PC by myself!'', so I watched videos like ``Build your own PC that even beginners can do'' and ``Introducing parts for homemade PCs that run games smoothly even if they are cheap'' and learned how to build each part. I realized that I was building.

Dangerous! !

I forgot something important when making things.
This means creating products by understanding what the users are looking for.

In this case...the combination of parts will change depending on what you want to do with this PC!

"Shizen no Shishi" aims to be an online shop similar to a physical store.

Video is essential to increase customer satisfaction.

I decided to choose it with the assumption that I will be editing videos in the future.

I don't play games in the first place, so there's a good chance I'm using the wrong high specs.

As a side note, let's talk about Bitcoin.

As I was researching my own PC, I learned that due to the influence of Bitcoin, the price of parts called graphics cards has soared to many times the price.

It is said that Bitcoins are being bought around the world for mining on PCs.

To generate Bitcoin, you have to mine it, and your PC is running at full capacity.
The power consumption is said to be comparable to the energy consumption of 10 Google companies.

Bitcoin is mainly mined in China, where electricity costs are low, and the electricity is derived from coal-fired power. Naturally, a large amount of carbon dioxide is emitted.

It's kind of strange to live in this era where environmental destruction and SDGs are being talked about so much.

Anyway, I'm worried about the high price!

Once again, build a PC that suits you

I want to avoid losing money buying cheap items.

If it's for leather (work), you should have decided to choose based on ability rather than price. In order to achieve the highest quality leather work, I spare no effort in investing in the tools, and I enjoy the effort!

So tonight I'm going to watch a lot of Youtube, buy something, and put it together.

This is all about my current situation, from a sudden disaster to the discovery of a new hobby, to the fact that I'm about to step into the swamp of building my own PC.

Please rest assured that the business of the store "Shizen no Shishi" will not be affected.

I will do my best to power up the shop with a powered up PC.

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