My PC broke. . So I'm going to make a PC. Part 4

And then it was overnight.

I want to get to work quickly, so I'll buy everything today!

And the Amazon Black Friday sale has begun!
What timing! lucky. It's very cheap.

All you have to do is compare prices and decide where to buy.

Model Amount of money store others
CPU Core i5-11400 22,480 Dospara If you want to upload to Youtube, i5 is enough. Video editing software is said to run more stably on a CPU with a built-in graphics card. It seems to be safe, stable, and cost-effective. Beginners will appreciate the fact that it has a built-in graphics card with a cooler.
GPU (Grabo) - - - -
motherboard B560M-A PRO DP (B560 1200 MicroATX) 8000 Dospara I bought it because it seemed cheap and good. . Designed around this.
power supply

Expert-oriented 550W Bronze

5,586 Amazon

Don't worry about price and certification. It's more about the quality and reputation of the product. It's nice because the plug-in type is smart and the price doesn't change that much. There was a sale on 750W at a computer workshop store, but when I checked with Dospara's required power calculation tool (, even if I added a graphics card in the future, it would still be 500W. That was enough.

PC case Thermaltake Versa H18
CS7097 CA-1J4-00S1WN-00
Amazon I buy it because it's cheap, compact, cool, and safe.


CFD DDR4-3200 (PC4-25600) 8GB×2 W4U3200CM-8GR

5,877 Amazon A total of 16GB is sufficient. A two-disc set of memory is cheap. Just buy more if you need it. sometimes confuses the rated speed with the speed when using OC, so check the manufacturer's website. Don't worry about memory speed.
Storage (M.2) P2 CT1000P2SSD8JP 9,980 Amazon NVMe looks cleaner than SATA.

...Your order has been completed for the above lineup.

It's quite different from the previous day's candidate...

The memory (2666) that I was trying to buy was on sale at about 30% off on Amazon, but before I could think about it, it was sold out! ! Since the 3200 version with the same memory was the same price, I decided to buy it.
However, according to the motherboard specifications, if it is a 3200, it will need to be 11th generation.
So I changed the CPU from the 10th generation to the 11th generation.

Actually, I thought the PC was broken, but it's still working.
I was able to use it after unplugging it and leaving it for a day.

However, it's been 8 years since I bought it, and it was Black Friday, so it's a good time to buy a new one.

In the meantime, the motherboard I ordered arrived. It is early.
Will it be possible to assemble it at the beginning of next month? I'm looking forward to it.

My first self-made PC. I'm looking forward to it.
When it's finished, I'll post a photo on Twitter.

I can finally concentrate on work. .
I wish you all the best.

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