Meeting with the teacher 2

Continuing from the previous session.

When I pressed Ping Pong, the answer was, “Yes,” of course.
that? What am I going to say next? I panicked for a moment.

"A shop...?"

I think that's how I responded. He opened the door and invited me in.
feelings at the time
``I thought I was at a store, but I found myself at home. what should I do? ”

It's not a store that someone passing by might walk into and say, ``Hey, it's a leather shop.'' It felt like an adult restaurant, only visited by people you knew.

Apparently some people play ping pong like this from time to time, so I was allowed to go into the room with the artwork.

There are surprisingly wonderful works of art all over the place, and of course you can't buy them...
The atmosphere is so wonderful that I feel bad even being there...

However, the smell of leather is so pleasant that it touches your body!
I was nervous...I was already feeling a lot of emotions.

My husband (teacher) told me various stories.

And the story that decided my career path...(continued)

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