Encounter with the teacher 3

Continuing from the previous session.

A young man who doesn't know where the bones of the horse came from.

Moreover, I didn't even know about the store, I just happened to search the internet and came here.
It doesn't look like they have any money at all, and in fact they don't have any.
He didn't make any comments about me, but instead offered me tea and talked with me about various things.

Why are you responding so well and telling such wonderful stories?

It's really amazing.
I respect him not only for his skills but also for his humanity.

I respect him so much that I have decided that I can't meet him, don't want to meet him, and won't meet him.

I couldn't remember much of what I said at the beginning because I was so nervous, but I explained that I had come here last time by going on a solo tour of various leather and bag shops, and introduced myself. .

They talked to me about various things about my leather work.

What was interesting was the analysis of the shops I went to that day, or the shops I wanted to go to but couldn't go to.

I thought it was from a craftsman's point of view, but now that I think about it, I realize that my reasoning also included a business perspective.
I don't think it's best to go into details, but it was interesting and felt like I was hearing some behind the scenes story.

Furthermore, please tell us about your attitude towards manufacturing.
Thank you for your talk. (Continue)
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