Leather product manufacturers and distributors in danger of extinction 2

We live in a sad time where the demand for leather products is disappearing...?

Cause of extinction ② Decrease in demand

There are likely several factors contributing to the decline in demand.

  1. Young generation away from leather
  2. Cashless
  3. Telework
  4. Improving the quality of artificial leather
  5. SDGs wacha wacha

②-1. Younger generation away from leather

It seems that young people are becoming less picky about what they buy, and feel that ``it doesn't have to be leather,'' ``it doesn't have to be a brand name, but as long as it's of good quality,'' and ``it's better to be as similar as possible to those around you.''

It's true that leather is expensive and heavy. In that case, it makes sense to choose synthetic fibers or artificial leather that are lightweight, durable, and inexpensive.

Now that there is no end in sight to the prolonged recession, economic reasons are probably unconsciously influencing fashion and lifestyle.

This makes me realize once again that leather is a luxury item.

Demand for things that are not necessary for daily life will not increase naturally.
The solution would be to create a leather boom or wait for it to happen.


This is one of the things that I am glad about in Japan.

Japan is slow to become a cashless society. Thanks to you, there is still demand for wallets.

However, as cashless payments are gradually progressing, large wallets are no longer selling well, and the change is gradual, so it is necessary to change the shape of the wallet each time.

There may be a need for a small wallet...a wallet that resembles a card case...a design in which a smartphone case itself can be used as a wallet...speed of product development will be required.

Does it have to be leather? There are already many people who think so.

An American customer who came to the leather goods store where I used to work had about 10 cards packed in a flat rubber band, and told me, ``This is my wallet!'' The future became scary. Someday, Japan will become like this too. (Continued from 3)

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