shopify update ~ Renewal ~ Change of theme

I wanted to increase the display speed of the site and improve the display method in some areas, so I decided to update the theme at this time.

I used to use Brooklyn, but it seems like it doesn't exist anymore.

I decided on Dawn because it seems to be highly customizable.

There are also blogs that may be helpful.

We are currently updating...this article and our website. .

There are so many things I want to do that I can't stop...

Speaking of being able to stop it, it seems like I can't see the HP from my PC right now.
Domain update failed, unrelated to HP update...

I was worried that I messed up because I messed with the code of the shopify theme...!

It appears that your credit card number was not updated due to a change.

Apparently it will take less than 72 hours to return...

By the way, for some reason I can now view it from iPhone 13.
iPhone 6s, Xiaomi, and PC are still useless...

It's my lifeline, so I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. .

What I want to do in the future.
・Converting products to 3D ・Automatically playing embedded YouTube videos ・Scrutinizing font type and size

By the way, this image above is a collage image.
I put it into an interesting material that I found on Canva.
We are Windows users.

↑This is also a canva material.

I created an official LINE account, so I created an image for the campaign.

I will post another blog post about the LINE official account.

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