SNS is a bridge between you and your customers

SNS is a bridge between you and your customers

The biggest difference between starting an online shop and a physical store is the distance from the customer.

The same goes for the distance between the creator and the customer, and the distance between the product and the customer. It's far.

It is difficult to convey to us what our customers feel, and it is also difficult to convey to them the texture and smell of the product, and the passion and enthusiasm of the creators.

SNS fills that gap.
If you are in a physical store, you will have the opportunity to talk in any way every day. However, when you shop online, you naturally don't meet people.

Recently, I received some happy and warm words on SNS. I was very happy and said, ``Even at an online shop, I can have warm interactions with customers!'' Let's spread the word more and more! I think.

Just like in real life, I'm not very good at talking to people online either, but I'll try my best because I can't help myself if I'm shy.
I would be very happy if you all could feel free to talk to me...

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