[Leather] The skiving machine is amazing 1

What is [sifting] ? This is to reduce the thickness of the leather.

Scrape it off with a leather knife or a special machine.
"If you're thinking of introducing a machine, it's better to buy a leather skiving machine before you buy a sewing machine."
That's what my teacher told me once upon a time.

It hasn't been long since I started working with leather,
It's a sewing machine that sews more than it sews! In the first place, it is a craftsmanship that does not rely on machines! I had a misunderstanding.

However, since this is what my respected teacher told me, I decided to buy a leather skiving machine based on his words.

Let's buy it now. But I don't have it on hand...

But once I think "I want it!", I can't stop it...

By that time, I had already decided that I wanted to make a living with leather.
So, if it was to step up my leather skills, I said "GO!" without any reservations.

So, I decided to buy a leather skiving machine with a loan.
(Later, I also bought a sewing machine on loan.)
(You will suffer for a long time later)

I called a few sewing machine shops, but at that time there weren't many used leather skiving machines on the market.

I remember feeling very relieved that I had managed to find it.

I went to a sewing machine shop in Kitasenju.

It was my first time going to a sewing machine shop, so I was a little nervous.

I arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled time, so I had a drink at a nearby bench coffee.

I entered the store nervously.
The owner was kind and helpful, and I was able to feel comfortable making the purchase while being taught various things. (Continue)
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