[Leather] The skiving machine is amazing 2

This is a continuation of last time .
What is [sifting] ? This is to reduce the thickness of the leather.
Scrape it off with a leather knife or a special machine.

Although I bought a paper-making machine with a loan, I had never touched a paper-making machine before, so I spent all my days off fighting with it.
If it's a machine you've seen before, you might be able to use it for the first time, but the blade is shaped like a bowl, the presser foot is curved... everything is new to me, so I start by learning the structure and feel. I did.

Even though I felt like I got used to it after a long time, it was quite difficult to get the thickness I wanted.

However, I was surprised by the power of the skiving machine!

Up until then, I had been self-taught and had been hand-filtering, which took a very, very long time.

If it's a skiving machine, it's instant!

It's no lie, it's more than 10 times more efficient.

Moreover, there is no blurring and it is clean and constant.

I was impressed. (Continue)
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