My PC broke. . So I'm going to make a PC. Part 2

It's been one night since my last article .

Due to my regular work, housework, and childcare, I don't have time to study how to build my own PC...

Homemade PC. Let's select parts

Rushed construction work that lasted two nights. Learn from Google Sensei and Youtube Master at 2x speed.

Now, I would like to write down the current situation, future, and various conditions, and then select the PC parts that I will actually order.

The concept is
We decided on this as a ``low-priced PC that can also do simple video editing.''

For video editing, I plan to use DaVinci Resolve 17 , which I have used before when uploading it to Youtube.

Therefore, the following two points are essential.
・CPU with built-in graphics card
・Must be Intel

At first, I was thinking of using Ryzen because I heard that Ryzen is better than Intel in terms of price, but since many other video editing software also run on Intel, I decided to use Intel for the CPU as it is more versatile.
In any case, the Ryzen within range doesn't seem to have a built-in graphics card, so I guess Initel was the only choice?

Actually, I had already bought...the motherboard.

And here is what I have already purchased: Motherboard B560-A PRO DP

Two days ago, when I started researching about building my own PC on Youtube, I found videos such as ``Easy to Build Your Own PC'' and ``Cheaply Build Your Own PC.''

This motherboard was recommended in several videos and was said to be "super cheap and feels great."
It's limited to a shop called Dospara, but I've seen comments that it's sometimes out of stock.
I realized that it's so popular.

When I access Dospara and wonder which one...

[1 item left]!

You can't miss this! I bought it on a whim. .

To be honest, I don't think I bought it because everyone's reviews were good, and I didn't get many compliments on it. .

As it is called the "mother", this board is the core part of the PC (I think it is), and each part is built into it.
No one will buy this before the concept is decided.
I hope it comes together well.

First of all, I have purchased the motherboard, so now that I have everything tied up, I can start selecting the other parts.

Other conditions

・I don't play games I don't plan on playing games, so I don't need a high-performance graphics card.
However, if you search Youtube for a homemade PC, most of them are gaming PCs.
But a video? While watching this, I feel like playing the game.
I want to have enough time to make gaming my hobby...

・What kind of updates might be possible in the future (within 10 years)?My dream is to finish the videos smoothly and have more and more customers watch them.
Also, if I have time, I would like to start playing DTM as a hobby.

Come on! Let's decide by tomorrow

We will select the remaining parts based on the conditions so far.

Black Friday? Will it become cheaper over time?
Once I have decided on the parts, I will check out Amazon!

I will update again once the parts are decided. Continue

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