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Leather from one cow (round leather). The leather that is cut from the head to the butt is called half-cut .

Although it's only half a piece, it's a large piece of cowhide.
It is larger than a tatami mat.

If you are just using leather craft as a hobby, you won't be able to use up that large piece of leather and you won't need it.

However, the first time I bought a hansei was when I was just doing it as a hobby, and even just starting out as a hobby.

At that time, I was constantly thinking about life, work, and the future.

Is your current job your life's work? Is it what you really want to do? Are you suited for it? Are you living a life that you won't regret no matter what happens?

There were times when I thought too much and felt depressed.

At that time, I thought, ``Let's buy something worth 50,000 yen!'' to completely change my mind.

50,000 yen was a considerable loss when I had very little savings, but I decided to inflict that damage on myself and move forward.

The interesting event I planned for myself, ``Let's buy something worth 50,000 yen,'' was the trigger for me to buy a half-sized book.
When I think about it, that led me to the point where I now make a living working with leather.

At first, I was thinking of buying a Hertz bag for 50,000 yen, so I went to a store in Shibuya and looked around.

However, along the way, I thought it would be fun to buy 50,000 yen worth of leather instead of ready-made products...! I had an idea.
I have a tendency to choose ``fun'' even if it means losing money. .

A few days later, I went to Craft Company in Ogikubo for the first time.

I fell in love with the half-cut leather I saw there and immediately purchased it.

The color is matte deep brown and the thickness is about 2.5mm.
Because it is tanned and has no core, it has a stiff hardness, just like ``THE leather''.

It is more than the size of a tatami mat. It's very, very heavy.

I remember changing trains and going home feeling very depressed.

This is my first purchase of half-cut leather, and I'm so excited about the thick, beautifully tanned "THE leather"!

I got home and opened it right away. The smell of leather instantly filled the room.

Inflate your nostrils and inhale to your heart's content to enjoy the exquisite scent!

I was so excited that I ate a little.

It wasn't delicious. (continue →)
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