First half cut 2

A half-cut of ``THE leather'' that is about 2.5mm thick that I talked about last time .

It's difficult for someone who just started doing it as a hobby to handle.

Because it is large, it is difficult to find a place to work or store it.

Since it's a hobby, it takes time to use it up, so I can only make pieces using the same leather (same color) over time.

And especially ``suki''! ! This is tough.

“Suki” is the process of cutting the leather using a knife or a special machine to partially reduce the thickness of the leather.

Of course, I don't have a skiving machine, so I have to skim it by hand.

Handmade paper is not that easy!
Beginners don't know why they can't do it or why they can't do it.

At that time, there wasn't anything on Youtube like there is now.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, trying to figure it out.

There are so many things I could tell my former self now.

I was trying so hard to make handmade paper that I wanted to advise him, ``Wouldn't it be easier to just quit?''

A few years later, by going to the class of a respected teacher and being taught from the beginning, I was able to master the principles with my brain and body, and was able to make paper towels.

Come to think of it, the leather I used when I first showed my bag to my teacher was the half-cut leather.

I have many fond memories of the first piece of leather I bought.

Leather looks, smells, and feels like leather.

Leather that makes you want to make this and that.

It reminds me of my love for leather and manufacturing.

When I'm in trouble, I feel like I'll have my back again.

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