Controversy over the treatment of leather scraps

[Hagire] ... scraps. A bunch of scraps left over from cutting.

What to do with leather scraps?
If you work with leather, you may have had this problem.

Should I save it for now?
Save it for smaller parts?
Would you like leather earrings?
Create a piece of art?

It depends on each person and company.

People who basically eat with leather
I love leather, so I think I tend to hoard it.
Me too (^^;

However, if you accumulate too much, you will be in trouble.
① The Haggis storage area will quickly become overflowing, and the area will continue to expand. →Rent for storage space will be charged
② When picking up parts during product production, I look for leather of a good size in the leather storage area, but it takes a surprisingly long time. →Personnel costs will be incurred for the search time.
I thought I was saving money by reusing the scraps instead of throwing them away, but
I am paying a huge amount of rent and labor costs! ?
Of course, it depends on the scale of the business and the product.
But I still can't get rid of it (^^;
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