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- comet Long S3 - Large capacity and easy to use long wallet

- comet Long S3 - Large capacity and easy to use long wallet

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I arranged the lid of comet Long3.

Below is the explanation of comet Long3 .
(Specifications other than the shape of the lid are the same)


Popular Comet series long wallet type 🌿

comet Long has evolved to be "easier to use and larger capacity".

■■Large capacity and easy to use secret■■

☆Unique mechanism "UV gusset" that opens 3 times more than imagined

☆A room with plenty of room and easy access to bills

☆A coin room that opens wide enough to fit a small coin.

☆Free pocket that is large enough to hold bills.If you are a cashless fan, you can put a card in there, or if you are a cash fan, you can put a 10,000 yen bill in there.

And this time, a new structure has been added!

☆By slightly increasing the vertical width of one side of the coin purse flap, coins will not easily fall out when the lid is opened. ※The lid will be opened by holding it upside down. ※The coins will not spill out when the lid is closed. Long too)

☆Vertical card pocket
A mysterious structure that automatically opens the card pocket when you open the lid, making it easier to take out cards.
It is also easy and recommended to roughly put receipts and cards in the center of the card room.

☆Hidden pocket key, Airtag, medicine, SD card, amulet...
You can store important accessories.

It is compact compared to its capacity.

Width: 17.5cm Height: 10cm Thickness: 4cm

Bills…50 pieces ~
Cards…12 pieces ~
Small change…30 pieces ~

The reason is that there are no seams on either side of the bill room.
The width is slimmer than a typical long wallet (approximately 20cm).

Designed based on “real life behavior”

It has a structure that makes it easy to take out and put in.

・I want a long wallet that has a large capacity and is easy to use ・I want to enjoy the texture of genuine leather ・I like a simple and elegant design

Recommended for those people.

*If you are looking for a slim and compact type, click here! →comet Long

■■comet Long development story■■

Comet's long wallet type has been requested by many customers.
It took a considerable amount of time from conception to development and completion.

Comet was originally born as a compact and easy-to-use tri-fold wallet, and quickly became our most popular wallet.
A wallet that eliminates waste as much as possible, is compact, has ample capacity, and is easy to use...
We realized our greedy requests with a number of ideas.

In order to translate comet 's concept of ``compact and easy to use'' into a ``long wallet,'' we needed a new idea.

Through repeated trial and error down to the 0.1 mm level, we discovered a golden balance in which all parts, sewing lengths, widths, and tailoring procedures should all be the same.

Due to its simple and natural finish, those without experience in tailoring may not be able to notice this ``tailoring idea''.

And this time, we have newly developed comet Long3.

The theme is “Pursuit of design that is close to real life”

As a result, compared to the original comet Long,

It has evolved into "easier to use and larger capacity".

Consists of two colors that are fun to mix and match◎

■■Scene coordination■■

・A coin purse that opens wide ・Achieve everything with one action
You can feel safe and don't have to worry about paying your bill.

A simple design that can be used for a long time without any quirks is recommended as a gift for both men and women.

Large capacity and compact,
Great for everyday use as well as business.

■■One point advice■■

Fill the free pockets with items that suit your lifestyle.

Cashless type → Use cards with cash → Use high-value banknotes such as 10,000 yen bills

In addition, the pocket is large enough to store receipts, tickets, and other items that suit your daily life.
Keep your contents organized with an easy-to-sort wallet to prevent waste and improve your financial luck.

■■What is the original mechanism “UV gusset”?■■

Unique mechanism "UV gusset" that opens 3 times more than imagined

In order to realize the long wallet type of the comet series, the UV gusset was developed through repeated trial and error.
Alternating folds and seams with extra length.

By creating an exquisite balance with this UV gusset,
We have achieved ``compact but large capacity'' and ``easy to use because it opens wide.''

■■Design commitment■■

When viewed from the front, the design may not have any major features. But try opening the lid.

A bill room with plenty of room for taking things in and out. A coin room that opens much wider than you can imagine. A card room with more than it looks. There is also one free pocket that can hold both bills and cards.

The new mechanism "UV gusset" provides compactness, sufficient capacity, and comfortable convenience.

・Designed with an eye toward eliminating waste in terms of stitching, parts, size, thickness, etc. ・Seamless design with no seams at the edges of the bill compartment not only makes it more compact, but also allows for smooth insertion and removal.

Through repeated trial and error, we were able to combine large capacity and ease of use.

Made of sturdy leather and construction, you can use it for a long time.

This is a wallet that we can recommend with confidence.


If you want to carry it more compactly, we recommend the first generation Comet Long.

comet Long

We also offer types with different lid shapes.

→comet Long W3


Button: Gold (brass)
Size Width: 17.5cm Height: 10cm Thickness: 4cm
Weight: about 200g
Bills…50 pieces ~
Cards…16 pieces ~
Small change…30 pieces ~


Made of high-quality genuine leather that can be used for a long time.

italian leather

Italian tanned cowhide leather soaked with oil.
Shiny, firm, and has a texture that sticks to you.
And fragrant high quality Italian leather.
The silver surface is thick and is relatively resistant to water and scratches.
The color change is not as great as with waxed leather, so you can use it for a long time while maintaining its elegance.
The more you use it, the more it becomes shiny and supple.
waxed leather
Domestic tanned cowhide that has been carefully coated with wax.
When you first use it, it looks whitish due to the wax, but the more you use it, the more glossy and deep it becomes, and the more it shines.
When you first use it, it feels smooth, but the more you use it, the more chewy it becomes, which is one of the fun things about it.
Since the color changes greatly, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the aging effect of leather.

About leather color

Although we strive to make images as close to the actual product as possible, there may be differences in color and shading due to the following factors. Please note.

-The leather we purchase is made of natural fibers and is tanned, dyed, and finished by hand by craftsmen at a tannery company, so color variations may occur from lot to lot.
-The color of the image may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting at the time of photography, monitor environment, etc. For example, the same leather will look different under sunlight (warm colors) and fluorescent light (cold colors).

About the appearance of leather

Leather is a natural fiber.
In rare cases, there may be traces of blood or insect bites, but please enjoy the taste of a natural product.
*There is no problem with durability.

・Wrinkles that originally existed on the neck, shoulders, and back
・Scratches and other marks from when the cow was alive
・Insect bite marks on a live cow
・[Back side] Cow bloodline (vessels)


It will be packed and delivered in the original box.

About our packaging

[Japan] Letter Pack Plus Ships within 7 days after payment confirmation, arrives in 2-3 days

Total 5,000 yen or more → Free shipping Total less than 5,000 yen → 520 yen

*Delivery date and time cannot be specified.

Shipping policy

It is expected that it will take 2 weeks to 1 month to arrive.

Total 15,000 yen or more → Free shipping Total less than 15,000 yen → 1500 yen

Instructions for use

■■How to care etc.■■

For everyday care, just dry wiping is all you need.
If you feel that it is dry and rough, please apply a commercially available leather care agent.
If it gets wet, dry it in the shade and then apply a leather care agent.

About caring for leather products →

Leather is a natural product.
Please enjoy the taste of a natural product, even though there may be some traces of blood or insect bites.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding leather products, please feel free to contact us at any time.

■■As it is a small quantity production...■■

Since it is made by two people, production may not be able to keep up and items may be out of stock.
If you are purchasing a gift, we recommend that you place your order in advance.
If an item is out of stock, please contact us and we will inform you of the delivery date.
Large orders may take some time.
Please feel free to contact us .

Recommended as a gift


~Customer's voice~
Thank you for your attention to detail, including the location of the name.
I think it was a very difficult time in Gochi due to the effects of the typhoon, but I am grateful for the prompt delivery.
Thanks to all of you, the person who received it was very pleased with everything from the design to the texture and color of the leather, and the people around him also said that it received very good reviews.
Although it's late, I wanted to send you an email to express my gratitude.
The weather continues to be unsettled, so please take care of yourself.
Thank you very much for the wonderful item.

・Name engraving ・Fast shipping ・Gift box (gift bag included)
・A wealth of customization options ・Durable leather products

Anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, etc...
Leather products that can be used for a long time are perfect as gifts.

Express your gratitude to someone special.

At ``Shizen no Shishi,'' we are working on a variety of initiatives to ensure that both the person giving the gift and the person receiving the gift are happy.

・Enter your name

The name will never fade because it is hardened. Perfect for a special gift 🌿
Click here for details→

・Fast shipping

Anywhere in Japan,
Ships within 1 week after payment confirmation → Arrives in 2-3 days!
If you are in a hurry, please contact us.
Click here for details →

・Gift box set

gift box
An elegant gift box for a special gift.
A gift bag will also be delivered. Click here for details →

- Abundant custom options

You can customize it to suit your preferences, such as changing it to be left-handed or changing the button color.

Click here for details →

・It must be a durable leather product

In order to deliver products that are simple and sturdy and can be used for a long time, we use sturdy domestic cowhide leather and carefully tailor them.
Please leave the after-sales follow-up to us in case of any emergency.

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